• Strategic Consulting Software Architecture & Design
  • Technology Evaluation & Selection
  • POC Design and Implementation
  • Alpha/Beta Product Development
  • Process Engineering and Vendor Selection
  • Back Office System Design (BI/Integrated Data Warehouse/Data Marts, etc.)

Of Service

Revel Fire is focused on helping software companies create innovative, stable, market-ready products. Revel Fire has proven expertise and the crucial understanding of key technologies to deliver software engineering services such as product development, mentoring and leadership, and custom application development. Here’s how we can be of service to you:

Innovative: We love the opportunity to help work with your ideas, offering our thoughts for improvement, strategic direction, and market acquisition considerations.

Stable: We’ve been doing this a long time. We’ve climbed these mountains, hit these potholes – choose your metaphor – there are many notches on our collective belts.

Market-ready: “If you build it they will come” was a clever movie phrase turned cliche, or maybe the other way around.  It’s death to a software project, and we know from past experience with private companies that it’s a painful lesson to learn.  Help us help you avoid it.  Get market-ready.


Every company needs top flight technical leadership but the majority cannot afford to employ these roles in a fulltime capacity. When you bring Revel Fire in for consulting services, you are getting the kind of technical leadership and cutting edge expertise all companies need, without having to find high dollar FTE resource allocations in your budget. We can help make sure you get started right, and course correct as necessary, on a part time basis to see your project through to success.

Restorative (Project Doh!)

If you have a project that feels more like a poke in the eye than the evolving success you were hoping for, we can help. From helping you target the key features or technologies necessary to get that next cut out the door, to helping you hire the right developers that will take you to the next level, we have the proven experience to make it happen.

What are the signs your project might be failing?

  • Your iterations are consistently late.
  • You don’t have iterations.
  • You are re-explaining your needs to your developers many types per cycle.
  • You are over budget.
  • You don’t have a budget.
  • Your developers are working 60 hour weeks and still behind.
  • Your system crashes regularly.
  • It feels like nothing is getting done.
  • The office vibe is more tension than levity and focus.
  • You don’t have weekly demos.
  • You don’t have any demos.
  • …and the list goes on.



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