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Revel Fire has proven expertise and the crucial understanding of key technologies to deliver software engineering services such as product development, mentoring and leadership, and custom application development.

A slipping project that needs to be put back on the rails. We seek to be transparent to the client, integrated and involved with the stake holders, accepted and respected by the developers, and most of all, useful, not wasteful. Real consulting should be about what you need, not what we need. In fact I’d rather you think of us as a partner, not as a consultancy. Give us a call and tell us where it hurts. We can help.


Our vast and varied offerings

Revel Fire understands the software product development business. When you engage Revel Fire you will experience a deep product development and software product engineering understanding, which leverages strong software product companies to develop its software products faster and with lower operating costs. Revel Fire utilizes strong experienced developers on the most crucial skills like SQL, Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Domain modelling and architecture.

Chris’ diverse work history has spanned a variety of industries from travel to telecommunication, and from video broadcast to lead generation. He has worked with some of the best technology professionals in the country and has amassed a solid skill set in architecture, implementation and technology management. Most importantly, it is understood that technology exists not in a vacuum, but because of a business or market need. Positions over the last fifteen years have ranged from Sr. Developer to CTO, and everything in between. He has built and managed strong teams, domestic, off-shore, and hybrid – utilizing the individual strengths of his team members to create a seamless powerhouse of talent and skill that prides itself on consistent, on-time execution. Chris’ most concrete additions to a team include forthrightness (tell it like it is), clarity (breaking down communication barriers), and best practices development. He knows how to say it, make it understood, then make it happen. Chris has also traveled the country educating the nations developers about the application of modern technologies in proactive institutions such as the Federal Reserve, ADP, Bank of America, USAA and others. A product person by nature, and a common sense evangelist at heart, Chris has proven to have the ability to make deep, insightful and positive improvements to the projects he works on – whether start-up, or established ‘brick n mortar’ institutions. Specialties: Java, .Net, all things web related, web services, Cloud infrastructure and automation, deployment, and video streaming.

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Revel Fire is a fast growing software product engineering and consulting company focused on helping software companies create innovative products for the next generation. Headquartered in Austin, Revel Fire has proven expertise and a deep domain understanding of technology to deliver software engineering services such as software product development (web/non web), product migration, software testing and custom application development and maintenance to enterprises spread across the globe. Revel Fire is committed to building lasting strategic partnerships with its clients to ensure satisfaction and measurable business results. We provide a full range of offshore software development services, from custom programming services to mobile application design. You can hire our specialists to extend your team remotely or order full cycle software development process.


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