Light The Match

Welcome to Revel Fire dot com. It has been a couple of years since I have run a consultancy, opting instead to live the startup life awhile.  Startup life is awesome.  The constant challenge, multiple hats, greenfield work, evolution of process and product – so much to do, so many pieces.  I love it.  I thrive.

There has come a time, however, (that time being now), that I wish to be able to offer the skills and services to a wider audience, to scale out the best practices evolved from years of startup life to more companies.  I’ve seen where consultants have failed me as a VP and CTO.  I’ve seen where processes break down.  I’ve seen how direction, architecture, and leadership are needed in all companies, but so often not on a fulltime basis.  To leverage a military analogy, every army needs a general, but not every platoon.  Many startups are closer to a platoon in nature, at the beginning.

Thus, Revel Fire.  Our goal is to provide orthogonal services to startups and enterprises alike, in the capacity they need.  We are like quick set cement.  We can flow easily into the most needed areas and provide immediate improvement.  Very often a company needs overall architectural guidance, but only for a few weeks every quarter.  Assistance with hiring the right development staff but only for a few hours or days here and there.  A parallel development team to crank out an extra feature or two that an overloaded dev team doesn’t have time to get in. A slipping project that needs to be put back on the rails.

We seek to be transparent to the client, integrated and involved with the stake holders, accepted and respected by the developers, and most of all, useful, not wasteful. Real consulting should be about what you need, not what we need. In fact I’d rather you think of us as a partner, not as a consultancy.

Give us a call and tell us where it hurts. We can help.