Some things are different with every app you build.  The business domain will drive the “what’s different” part of any application.  Some things, though, are the same with every app you build; or at least, very similar.  These common items can be specific things like user registration, forgot password, email confirmation, in many cases user payment, profile management. Other common items are things like security, data access, best practices architecture and tool selection, error management…etc.

If you are starting a new project, or greenfielding a new and modern version of an older app, why pay your developers to build all this plumbing up from scratch?  App Template lets you leverage the experience and learning of top notch architects, avoiding many of the pain points of greenfield development.

App Template is a full featured best practices java based application offered as a springboard for greenfield applications. It contains full integration of and support for cross cutting concerns that can take months to build and even longer to get right.  Key features include:

  • Security
  • Branding
  • Internationalization.

These systems typically occupy the first 3 months of development, if done at the start and not after dev has begun.  It can cost an organization 100k or more to put all these pieces in place and get them working together.   Some can even take months by themselves such as internationalization.

App Template provides a baseline starter application with all of these pieces in place.  This application allows an organization to get straight to work on business cases rather than plumbing and framework integration.

Key elements include:

  • Latest spring framework
    • Spring Security
    • Spring Sata JPA template
    • Spring Rest for all UI services
  • Centralized and simplified error management
  • Full branding and internationalization support on both client and server
  • Centralized crud controller
  • Single page application
    • Backbone and plugins
    • Centralized error mangement
    • Centralized ajax/comm layer
    • Centralized controller
    • AMD pattern
  • Unit testing base pattern
    • Integrated with security
    • Mockito for true unit test scenarios
    • Exercise pojos and mapping via data and repo factories
    • Dataseed system for web environment
  • Build System: Maven build system with custom profiles for environment distinctions

Also available is an a MongoDB based analytics support including

  • Spring-Data for MongoDB
  • Map reduce to reporting structures samples built up
  • High charts (but any front end visualization library can be used)

Ask us today how App Template can help you start working on your business instead of your plumbing.

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