Our Offering

We are not a ‘body shop’. With a goal of client satisfaction, we believe that steady interaction with the client is the most viable contract. Rather than providing you the “result” of your spec 3, 6, 12 months down the road as with some companies, we work with you throughout each week, getting feedback, providing results, performing demos of the latest work.

We believe the most effective, sustainable long term solution involves working directly with your stakeholders and engineers at the level you desire. We seek to be unobtrusive, but engaged. If desired, we can work within your ticketing system, your SCM, and any other related artifact-generation systems (wiki, diagrammer, code review…etc) with no learning curve cost to you. We’ve probably already worked with what you are using today.

In order to not burden your PM or QA resources, we do most of that in-house, but with full transparency so your input and feedback are welcomed. We are here to ease the burden of development, but also the concerns over quality and timing – the level of inter-operation is up to you. You can think of us as a self-sustaining, mostly self-contained parallel development team. This is what we have excelled at as a group for years – product development from greenfield to beta, 1.0 and beyond.

Also available is customer/market validation work. If you don’t have a team in place for this already, we strongly suggest you take advantage of this. Products built in a vacuum are primarily useful to the vacuum. Getting not only stakeholder and engineering buy-in, but customer buy-in as well, can be crucial for selecting which are the final features of a product, and this should be done through ongoing experimentation and refinement.

Software product development is evolution in action. Part of ‘getting it right’ is being malleable, recognizing mid-stream changes that have value, versus those that are simply opinion attempting to become action. This discernment is part customer feedback, part stakeholder input, and part common sense. Projects often go past their due date when too many changes are introduced mid-stream. It is unavoidable that this will happen. The trick is managing how often, and how big. In truth, this is one of the most enjoyable parts – watching a product evolve and come to life, week after week.


Chris Mathias has a diverse work history spanning a variety of industries including travel, telecommunication, video broadcast, lead generation, and video e-commerce. He has worked with some of the best technology professionals in the country and has amassed a solid skill set in architecture, implementation and technology management. Most importantly, it is understood that technology exists not in a vacuum, but because of a business or market need.

Positions over the last fifteen years have ranged from Sr. Developer to CTO, and everything in between. He has built and managed strong teams; domestic, off-shore, and hybrid – utilizing the individual strengths of his team members to create a seamless powerhouse of talent and skill that prides itself on consistent, on-time execution. Chris’ most concrete additions to a team include forthrightness (tell it like it is), clarity (breaking down communication barriers), and best-practices-based development. He knows how to say it, make it understood, then make it happen. Chris has also traveled the country educating the nations developers about the application of modern technologies in proactive institutions such as the Federal Reserve, ADP, Bank of America, USAA and others.

A product person by nature, and a common sense evangelist at heart, Chris has proven to have the ability to make deep, insightful and positive improvements to the projects he works on – whether start-up, or established ‘brick n mortar’ institutions.

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